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At Covenant Life, membership is deeper than signing up to be part of a community.

It is a commitment - A commitment to this body of believers, a commitment to grow as a disciple, a commitment to serve others and a commitment to be a witness in the world and through CLASS we take you through an intentional and relational growth process of understanding how to do this.


If you are already of member at Covenant Life, here are a few things that are exclusively available to you and your family:

Wedding / Engagement

Christian marriage is a powerful symbol of the relationship between Christ and the Church. When a man and a woman take this decision to get married, they are entering a sacred covenant that was ordained by God.

We assist the to-be couple all the way from premarital counselling till the ceremony and growing as a couple after the wedding.

Baby Dedication

It is a prayer and commitment between the church members and your family that we take to raise up your child in the ways of the Lord and to be an extended family to the child. 

Burial and Funeral

This is a difficult time for families and friends and we come alongside them for the final rights of their loved one. We assist them through the entire process including a memorial service.

Membership Letters / Referrals Letters

During times of educational admissions, marriages, job applications -

we provide our members with documents that are required in various institutions.

Ministry Experience Letters

Having served at any level of ministry for a period of 6-12 months, we will provide experience / recommendation letters.

To avail any of these, send a request to: or write to us for any queries you may have.

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