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A church shouldn't feel like a weekly event to attend, but a place to belong.

That's why, here at Covenant, CLASS is important – because we weren't meant to go through life alone. When it comes to finding your purpose, using your God-given gifts to serve, and surrounding yourself with community, we're giving you a deliberate path to follow.

It's a path that won't confuse you or leave you in the dark.


So don't think of CLASS as a college course. Think of it as a way to find your purpose and your people, because there's more for you at Covenant than just attending a weekend service. You have the opportunity to discover your purpose and start living out all that God has for you!


GROW:  Deeper through Discipleship
What is a disciple? What are the habits of a disciple? How to study God's word?

The purpose and habit of a daily quiet time? How to revitalise your quiet time?

What does the Bible say about tithing?
We have some answers.

BELONG : Warmer through Fellowship
If you've been coming for a while and would like to be a member or would like to know more about CL's core values,

come for C.L.A.S.S.


SHARE : Larger through Evangelism
Did you know that God planned your life mission before you were born?
Come get trained in the most important task of your life!


SERVE : Broader through Ministry
Why should you get involved in ministry?
What is your S.H.A.P.E.?  How can you get involved in ministry?
Come find out!

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