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At Covenant Life, we take teaching of the Word and each individual’s growth as priority

in order that they may grow up as mature believers in order to fulfill God’s will for their life.

We are committed to making disciples as Jesus said, written in Matthew 28:18. 


We do this through serving you through these ministries:


Covenant's Mental Health Ministry 

Mental health ministry at CL focuses on creating safe spaces for individuals or families to be able to freely talk about challenges and struggles they might be facing. We are here to offer hope, help and walk along in difficult times during your life

Visit Here

Home Group

Our home groups are the extended church that meets on a weekly basis. Our Home Groups consist of 5 or more people who meet together regularly to balance the five purposes that God has for our life and we maintain the Acts model as written in Acts 2:42-47.

Join one Today: Homes Groups 

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Coffee With The Ladies 

Coffee With The Ladies is an event where women of God meet up for a time of fellowship together, the study the word and encourage one another. This happens once a month on Saturdays. Currently on a break.

Sign up Here : Coffee With The Ladies


A ministry for Men where men gather to encourage and strengthen each other's faith in Jesus Christ. It is a safe place for men to be real and lower their waterline to reveal the jagged edges of their glacier. Waterline is a Jeremy Dawson Initiative, available for other churches as well.

Join Here: Waterline

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Children's Bible Education

Covenant Kids is the Children’s Ministry of Covenant Life -our goal is to teach the children the truths of God’s Word, the Bible and to equip them to be builders of God's Kingdom.

Know More Here : Covenant Kids

Early Teens

At the early teens ministry we serve those between 11 to 15 years of age.

We truly desire to seed the Word into the minds of our young ones

for a strong footing in the Lord as they grow.

They meet in person on Sundays and online during the week.  

Whatsapp/Call : +91 99715 61943 


Youth & Young Adults 

The Youth and Young Adults at Covenant Life helps you find spiritual friends. Our goal is to help each individual by mentoring them in small groups where they grow stronger in the Word and also where they share their life and pray for one another. For Ages 16 - 25 years. 

Whatsapp/Call : 99715 61943, 99537 10082

Serve With Us

At Covenant Life, we believe that every member is a minister.​

We have a range of ministries and spheres where we can use your skill and expertise

on weekends and during the week! Find an area you would like to serve in and sign up!

Sign Up Here 

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