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The Covenant Life School of Theology is a place for anyone who wants to dive deeper into God’s Word.

We aim to train and equip people on how to read, interpret and exegete God’s Word accurately. We cover a variety of courses from the basics of our faith to book studies!

Weekdays : From 8 pm to 9 pm


Open to anyone above the age of 18 years

* 80% attendance + required reading/homework


Foundations of Discipleship

In this 9 session course you will learn the basics of our faith!

We learn the essentials of what it means to live a “Christ Directed Life”.

Bible Doctrines

In this 10 week course you will learn the 11 doctrines from the Bible. We dive deeper into systematic theology and discuss various issues that are concerning the Church today!

Discovering Bible Basics

In this 4 week course you learn 7 basic steps on how to read and interpret the Bible. You will learn skills on how to read and interpret the Word correctly and apply it to your lives.

New Testament Gospels

In this 8 session course we go through the 4 gospels and learn how they are contrast one another. We also learn about the life and ministry of Jesus through these gospels!

Jonah : Bible Pathways 

In this course we go through verse by verse through the book of Jonah and look at important skills that will help us become better teachers of the Word! This course is designed to equip you to train others to study, preach and teach the Word of God accurately.

Church History 

In this 3 week course you will learn the important events that took place in the church through the centuries. It’s vital that we know what events took place in the past so that we can learn and also avoid making the same errors again!

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What students Say

I learned how to read and interpret the Scripture according to what it meant during the time it was written and how it should be obeyed and

applied in our lives and to share the truth with the people.

For more information and details, contact

Jason Cornelius : 9971561943

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