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Mental health ministry at CL focuses on creating safe spaces for individuals or families to be able to freely talk about challenges and struggles they might be facing. We are here to offer hope, help and walk along in difficult times during your life.

Counselling services

At Covenant life we provide Christian counselling which focuses on a safe, confidential, non judgemental

and non-threatening environment to individuals or families to deal with life's challenges and relational issues.

Our counsellor is a trained biblical counsellor and holds a Masters degree in counselling.


Group Sessions

Do you feel alone in your journey towards dealing with various issues? In this space we look forward to creating a healthy community space where people can grow and heal together as the progress through various challenges.

What should you expect? 

If you are looking to connect to our mental health counsellor, you can contact us on our email id or send us a message on whatsapp. Our counsellor will schedule a session and get back to you. 

WhatsApp us at : +91 9560137675
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